Mentoring from the Heart

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It is a CRAFT
Our children need us. There is no doubt. Let’s work together and help them out. How can we reach
them? We can help in so many ways; Let me take time to explain. In five steps, you can get involved in
this necessary and worthy cause.

  1. First, you must Care. We were all young once, or you may still be young. Think of the many
    challenges that you had to overcome. Think on that for a moment. Take as much time as you
    need. Was there someone in your life that helped you succeed?
  2. Second, Reflect. If you can’t relate, think of someone that you know, or that you do not know,
    that would benefit from the love that you show. Then put in motion the thoughtful, heartfelt
  3. Third, Act. Many people care. Let it be known. Make some noise. Toot the horn. A session is at
    hand, to give attention, to the needs of those that reach out, without hesitation. Then we will
    follow-up and keep it going, knowing that our children still need us, and the numbers are growing.
  4. Fourth, Feedback. We will ask and and ask again, as we lend our hands and the responses come
    in. To reach one, is one goal. To reach millions will satisfy our souls. We will continue to evaluate
    how heart-mentorship and progress unfolds.
  5. Fifth, Test. We test and see that all is good, as we build our children, like we should. They will rise,
    and we will see the hopes and dreams that were meant to be. From down to up, up to down,
    mentoring from the heart is solid and strong. It is a CRAFT, that we construct. Mentoring from the
    heart is an ART.

    By: Vernell Wilson
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