It is Always amazing to work with

Vernell Wilson

What do you get for someone you love, who appears to have it all? How can you truly honor the impact of another person on your life? Provide them with a unique and personalized gift.

The right message. The right gifts. The right words.

Reach out to me for personalized poems, virtual speaking events, and more, for a memorable and meaningful experience.

Everyone has a story.

And that story deserves to be honored and celebrated in a meaningful way. Whether you have a father, sister, coworker, lover, or friend, Vernell Wilson will Write For You!

Sometimes we meet strangers who end up touching us in ways we never expected.

If there is a person in your life who has influenced you, that you would like put into a piece of poetry to cherish for years to come contact me today!

Turn your story into poetry.

Through the power of writing, I will take your  thoughts and ideas, and turn them into a special treasure.

Vernell Wilson

Benifits of Working with

Vernell Wilson

The right message. The right gifts. The right words.
Vernell Wilson writes for you!

Personalized Poems

Vernell Wilson creates unique, memorable, and lovely gifting experiences for people who desire creative and custom gifts.

Media Partner

As a talented writer and speaker, Vernell Wilson would be a great guest for your publication or podcast.

Virtual Speaking

Invite Vernell Wilson to your next big event for a memorable and impactful speech or poem recitation.

Creative Gifts

Your personalized slogan or message  can be added to a variety of items, such as mugs, shirts, and other accessories.