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This Poem is written by Vernell for Erica Lynn

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The Art of Entertainment

As a mother with three adult children, entertainment became life changing, as all three of them pursued entertainment since elementary school. Rehearsals, plays, concerts, recitals, music camps, studios and theatre dominated our existence. Scenes and music from their various roles in entertainment are etched in my mind. And though they pursue other endeavors, my children find their way back to entertainment.

Are You the Best Mother in the World?

“You’re the Best Mother in the world.” I was stunned because this was an ordinary day. I had not done anything special for him. In fact, it was a relaxing, around-the-house cleaning day — hair rollers in my hair, no make-up, and in the mood for house cleaning day. I wondered what triggered him to say that to me at that time and in that space.

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