AuthorVernell Wilson

Peaceful Power

The power to have peace is above the norm.How do you stay calm in times of storm?How do you rise above stressand pass the test?How do you maintain sanityduring craziness of humanity?The tides drift all year long.With Peaceful Power you are strong

Hold On to Patience – 2

Hold on to patience –Grip patience tight.Keep holding onwith all might.Patience is a virtue – standing tall,A keep-sake, open toone and all.Hold on the patience,especially when in need,and no doubt, you will succeed.Like a rock, a solid...

Hold On to Patience – 1

Grab patience tightwith all might.Patience is a must,That you could possess.A virtue to hold,to help you pass the test.As you go throughwhatever comes your way,trust and believefrom day to day;No long stay;The tide passes away.And you will not stray.

Beautiful Day

Set your mind.Chose what you think about.Gloom or doom –Happy thoughts, no doubt.Easy said, but possible to achieve.You set the tone.What will it be?


Move forward,reflect, but leavethe past behind.God will help you.Sometimes our challengesseem deeper than our dreams,but things are not always,like things might seem.As you go through,God is with you.Through reflection,leave the past behind,Embrace...